You are welcome to contact us for any MSC related issue by using the e-mail messenger provided below.

If you are inquiring on joining MSC*, please register and post your interests in our Sign Up Thread.

For all Ventrilo requests*, please use the e-mail messenger provided below.
* Please note that you must be 18+ for MSC membership and/or Ventrilo consideration.

Thank you for your interests and we hope you continue to enjoy your stay.


I've been banned from your server. What should I do?

The best thing to do is to write us a POLITE e-mail message provided above.**
Explain when you were banned, why, and by which admin. Be as specific as possible. As long as you are polite, an admin will look into it and get back to you. You will get an answer, even if we decide to continue the ban.
** Please note that failure to be mature and respectful may effect your plea in a negative manner.

If you choose to handle your request privately and discreetly, use the e-mail messenger provided above.
Of coarse, you are also welcome to post your complaint to our Review Board. Please explain your problem.
And we will respond as soon as your case is reviewed by our admins.

Be sure to also read our Server Rules, Anti-Cheat Policy, and Cheating FAQ.

Thank you.