[MSC] game servers, forums, website, ventrilo are privately owned/operated non commercial and for nonprofit by Host Sniper-X. Clansmenship, Adminship, and general admission are strictly regarded as privileges and not entitlements nor imply any shared ownership/control over MSC operations. Any monies exchanged between host and players are for sole purpose of donation towards server expenses or for rcon privileges. Host reserves the right to terminate any privilege at anytime of any person and for any reason. All conversations in mode of text or audible on [MSC] servers are public and may be monitored. By entering MSC sites, you are agreeing to these terms.



  1. NO Cheating. [MSC] WILL NOT allow cheating of any kind. Anyone found cheating will be immediately kicked and banned, without warning. This includes map exploits.

  2. NO Abusive Behavior. [MSC] does not tolerate abusive behavior from players in game. Being rude and/or obnoxious to other players in a game, is prohibited.

  3. NO Cheat Accusations. Please leave all administration to our Admins while on our server(s).
    If you have something to say, please take an available Admin aside and discuss in private.

  4. NO Voice/Text Spamming. Please do not spam with voice or text commands.
    Excessive use of foul language will also not be tolerated. Please keep it clean.

  5. Respect All Players. Listen to our Admins. Do not argue, whine, or otherwise interrupt the enjoyment of others while on the [MSC] server(s).

  6. Have Fun! This is one of the most important rules. The [MSC] community is available for your enjoyment; please take advantage of having a good time!


  1. DO NOT enter a spawn that cannot be captured.

  2. DO NOT spawn kill without making efforts to capture base.

  3. DO NOT stat pad or take advantage of the server for points only.

  4. DO NOT rocket or nade launch spam. Please use these in a tactical manner.

  5. PLEASE join a squad. Teamwork is greatly encouraged.

Thank you for your cooperation.